Why use PlansMachine for your building plans and consent?

All hosted on your own computer in your own time.
Easy and fun to use – provided that you read the instructions when required.
The help desk fully supportive phone or message facility.
All of the information for your plans is cloud-stored and easily accessible forever after.
When you sell your home the new owner may register with us and have the entire plans folder transferred over to their new free account.
People who buy your home in future can make alterations and additions to it without having to start from scratch.
No money down – you are not required to pay us until after you have received the plans and ensured that they are fit for purpose.
Please phone us on 021 224 4808 between 10 am and 5 pm weekdays for a free ten minute chat with the duty customer relationship consultant.
After you register for free you will have full access which also includes our one on one message us facility assistance or you can also call us on 021 224 4808 to speak to one of our professional design and technical advisers