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If you are wanting to get plans for a building consent from your local council then PlansMachine is a New Zealand owned and operated nation wide online house plan draughting service for new or existing homeowners wishing to either build a new house or alter their existing home.
Just like internet banking, online grocery shopping or buying and selling new or second-hand goods online PlansMachine is also an online facility that now allows you the convenience to get your plans for building consent in your own time while it is also very conveniently hosted on either your own computer or tablet.
To begin with you may either operate our user friendly DIY floor plan design facility, or instead upload your own drawing scans or photos for us to draw your floor plan for you, or perhaps select from one of our existing floor plan template designs and modify it to suit.
Whether it be a single or two storey home or perhaps an extension or internal modification to your existing home the PlansMachine staff can make it happen for you much faster and more cost-effectively with our phone chat, written message exchange facility, uploads and downloads pictures portal, which all together creates a very convenient and streamlined information exchanging system for you.
The plans produced for you are provided via PDF in advance with no money down and you are not required to pay us until your plans are obviously fit for their required purpose.

New homeowners

You can design a new home or alter your existing home with less cost and fuss via our online streamlined interaction system.

Builders & tradies

We allow you to easily expand the range of your current services or provide greater convenience for your potential customers.

About this online service

Your plans job will be assigned its own online portal folder and all messages or plans draft modifications will remain accessible to you forever after.

Building consents

You may choose to either make this yourself or have us do it for you. Either way, we will deal with the council's requests for further information where required as part of our agreement with you.
The process
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New house
Alterations / additions
There are three ways to begin this. You can either draw your own floor plan with our very user friendly online design system, or instead you can upload your concept design scans, photos or PDF’s to have us draw them into our system for you, or you can also choose from one of our 100 single storey floor plan templates and edit it to suit.
We make sure that your floor plan is efficiently designed, produce the basic site plan and make sure that it complies with the necessary council bylaws. You may reciprocate this process with us until your preliminary design is approved by you. We will also provide you with a quote to do the full plan set.
We then produce your full plan set working drawings and then provide you with a copy of them for you to make comment on.
You pay for the plans and then become the right of use owner of them. You may also, later on, make post design modifications but this will cost slightly extra depending on the requirement of it.
We guide you on what to do to gather all of the additional information that is often required to get everything together to complete the building consent application.
The building consent application is then made by either you or us.
We oversee the councils requests for further information and advise you accordingly if there is anything else that you need to do.
Your building consent is issued and your builder may now start your building work.
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New house
Alterations / additions
Step 1
If you use our floor plan drawing facility or edit one of our floor plans templates this will be free for you. If you have us convert your uploaded concept design this will cost between $1.20 and $1.60 per m2 for the overall house floor plan size area, depending on the complexity of the building design.
Step 2
The very modest price of $220 to make sure that your building design is efficient and modify it via your approval if need be. This price also includes us doing a standard site plan to ensure that the relevant council bylaws are met.
Steps 3 & 4
$1990 for houses up to 100m2 in floor size and $15 per m2 over this size. Two storey houses and additional features to a standard design will cost extra, please see our price list for the cost of these potential additional requirements.
Steps 5-8
To make the building consent application yourself will cost you nothing from us. To have us act as your agent to do so on behalf with your council costs $400.
All prices stated are exclusive of GST.